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Business Fraud Litigation

Business disputes often involve allegations of fraud, deceit and misrepresentation. Business fraud claims must be supported by a great deal of specificity, and proving such claims requires a plaintiff to demonstrate fraudulent intent. Renner Law has the experience and knowledge to provide exceptional service to individual and business clients throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts in this challenging area of business litigation.

What is Business Fraud?

Unlike many other types of claims that business litigation attorneys in Rhode Island handle, business fraud claims require specific intent on the part of the accused. That is, Rhode Island business fraud attorneys must prove not only that an individual or business performed a certain act, but that it did so with the specific intent to defraud. Business fraud attorneys in Rhode Island seldom uncover a "smoking gun" document that specifically states the fraudulent intent. Instead, a Rhode Island business fraud attorney must demonstrate fraudulent intent by combing the relevant records to find instances of conduct that reveal the motivations of the involved parties. This is uniquely challenging and beyond what a Rhode Island breach of contract attorney typically faces.

How Allegations of Fraud Can Affect a Business

When businesses are accused of fraud, there are consequences that extend beyond the legal ramifications. The mere allegations of this type of conduct can have a huge impact on the reputation and goodwill of any business. Renner Law aggressively defends clients who face allegations of fraud because it understands that simply forcing a settlement or even a favorable judgment is often insufficient. Renner Law has years of experience handling the variety of fraud claims levied by and against individuals and businesses, including claims for fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation, constructive fraud and fraudulent omission (i.e., fraud by silence), in state and federal courts throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Renner Law Offers Experience to Rhode Island and Massachusetts Business Owners

Businesses involved in complex business disputes, have been defrauded or are facing allegations of fraud can count on Renner Law to zealously defend their interests. Renner Law serves business fraud clients throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts from its Providence, Rhode Island offices. Call (401) 404-5251 or contact Renner Law online today.